Breast Augmentation Gets a Healthy Lift

Today, thanks to many technological advances, breast augmentation surgery is considered a safe procedure and is commonly done for women of all ages. There are many reasons a woman may require breast augmentation to improve the size, shape and symmetry of their breasts. For example, in some cases, trauma or disease may have damaged one or both breasts, pregnancy and weight loss may have caused the breasts to sag, and severe asymmetry, tuberous breast deformity and many other reasons are why women seek breast augmentation surgery.

A woman who would like to improve the atheistic of her breasts through surgery should be in good physical health. If she has had breast cancer or infection in the breast, she should wait until the treatment is finished. After treatment, breast reconstruction is commonly performed. It is very important for the candidate to be aware of the procedure as well as the outcome. She should not have unrealistic expectations. Detailed consultations with Doctor Franklin Jones will allow her to understand all the possibilities and put her mind at rest.

During the consultation, the patient will gain confidence in the doctor and feel the personal attention that is required for such a big decision in her life. After discussing the patient’s desired outcome and measuring the size of their natural breast, the right size implant can be selected. Patients will still be able to breastfeed and are recommended to do so.

Silicone and saline are the two main types of implants used. Each one has positive and negative attributes. Silicone is more expensive and looks and feels more natural. However, even though rare, rupture is difficult to detect. Saline or salt water implants are firm and may ripple. However, the incision required to place saline implants is smaller.

After surgery, patients may feel some numbness in the breasts, and there may be some bruising and pain when the anesthesia wears off, but this can be controlled with painkillers. Antibiotics will also be prescribed for a few days. At first, the breasts look swollen and may appear higher than originally wanted, but both of these conditions subside after a few days. The incision can also be seen in the first few weeks after surgery, but it will also gradually fade.

Many women are able to return to work two or three days after surgery. They should not engage in any heavy lifting or go back to a rigorous exercise routine for three to four weeks. The doctor will see each patient one day and one week after surgery and will tell the patient when normal activity is safe to do. Other appointments will be arranged according to how each patient is recovering.

Breast implants are safe. Even if a silicone implant ruptures, there is no toxic or autoimmune response. Many studies that have been conducted over decades have shown that there is no connection between breast augmentation and breast cancer or other disorders. The implants may last from five to 20 years. To get the maximum lifespan from implants, the right size should be chosen. There are also implant displacement exercises that can be done after surgery that will keep the implants in the right place and will optimize the augmentation results.

If you think breast augmentation will improve your appearance for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to consult the doctor and learn about all the options available to you.