Three Exciting Laboratories in America and What They Are Researching

There are many research laboratories who work tirelessly to provide our world with only the best research innovations possible. Each laboratory has creative and geniuses at work enhancing and improving on life as we know it today. From custom antibodies research, to the treatment of the world’s diseases, we depend on our Nation’s scientists to find the answers and the cures of today.


Sharp laboratories, housed in Camas, Washington, claim that they are working on innovations for the future to be faster thinner and simpler for everyone in the world. Even though Sharp Laboratories has only been at the forefront for research since 1995 their focus has remained on track as the only research laboratory in the United States based in the United States. This focus is always and remains on technology issues, public trends and product demands for the markets of the North Americas.

Some of the products that Sharp has expanded upon include flat panels, cameras on cell phones and handheld calculators. There are many more wide and varied technologies among the short history of this company including well over 1,500 patents filed by the Sharp Corporation. Sharpe continues to work on digital imaging systems display technologies, consumer systems, consumer technologies, and advanced video technologies. They continue to work in their applications laboratory on material and device technologies.


The era for electronic medical records processing is here and is only going to keep expanding their abilities to pull up anyone’s health information from anywhere on the globe with the push of a button.

A laboratory that is doing endless research on this virtual technology is the Laboratory Information IBIS World’s Electronic Medical Records Systems Research. Many vendors are honing into the market of this new laboratory information system or LIS as a new selling product to every hospital and medical office on the globe. This new technology will help to connect the patient record to any and all departments across the globe that may need this medical information quickly for the sake of the patient.


Another exciting laboratory called the International Institute for Species Exploration is doing endless work in the arena of the study of evolutionary history. This laboratory records yearly, over 15,000 unidentified species. Researchers at this facility, every year publish a list of top ten newly discovered species. The Devil’s worm made last year’s list, being found one mile beneath the Earth’s service. The Devil’s worm is a large multi cellular organism that no researcher thought they would ever see that far beneath the Earth’s surface. Researchers stand in awe with how much they have come to believe they really do not know about our environment. From fish to insects to birds and much more are being discovered every day that there is no information on photos to identify them with.

Each and every exciting laboratory in Europe and the United States has exciting things going on. Researchers have their own venues that are helping to expand knowledge and life as we know it.