The Top 10 Healthiest Cities in America

In today’s stress filled world, fewer and fewer people have time for such activities as exercise and eating healthy. But that doesn’t stop the people in these following cities from trying their best to live happy and healthy.

10. San Luis Obispo – Paso Robles, CA
This cozy town located on the central California coast ranks tenth of the lest of healthiest and happiest cities in terms of smoking, exercise, and healthy diet. It scored a 7 overall on emotional health, and a 4 on healthy activities such as exercise and diet control

9. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC, MD, VA
The next runner up is a combination of about 5 areas; Washington D.C, Alexandria, Maryland, and Virginia. This region scored a 71.3 our of 100 and such things as work experience and job satisfaction were measured in the survey.

8. Ann Arbor, Michigan
Although it has dropped in the rankings by 4 spots, Ann Arbor still continues to rank first in self-perception and evaluations. Residents of Ann Arbor rat themselves as happy and that they will continue to be happy in 5 years.

7.Honolulu, HI
Based on the results of 353,563 people polled, people in Honolulu ranked high in happy activities such as smiling, happiness and laughter. It also skyrocketed in the category of work environment.

6. Barnstable Town, MA
Barnstable ranked high in perception of work, including job perception and satisfaction. Most people are happy with their jobs in Barnstable, but it did rank 86th on perception of life.

5. Fort Collins-Loveland, CO
Fort Collins jumped to 5th in terms of physical health. Previous years, Fort Collins had ranked first in physical health.

4. Provo-Orem, UT
Provo-Orem has remained in the 4th spot for a second year, and measured self-evaluation and evaluation of one’s well being in 5 years. Provo-Orem ranks first in perceived well being.

3. Burlington-South Burlington, VT
Burlington jumped 33 spots on the list from the previous year and ranked 3rd in overall well being and physical health. Also, people in Burlington expected to be in the same or better state in 5 years.

2. Boulder, CO
Boulder was 5th last year and jumped 3 spots to second. Factors measured in Boulder included healthy activities and lifestyle, as well as diet, especially the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

1. Lincoln, NE
Lincoln was 21st last year and jumped 20 spots to claim the top spot as the healthiest overall city in America. The availability of necessities related to health like healthy and affordable food, access to affordable health insurance, and medicine all played a part. Also, Lincoln was ranked first in the overall work experience, making it the happiest city in America across the board.

This list shows that many factors can be taken into account when dealing with happiness. As can be noted from this list, healthy activities can include exercise and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Emotional healthy also plays a role in happiness, as well as the work experience. If a town or city has great working conditions, access to healthcare and healthy food, and a positive outlook on the future, the city will have all of the right tools to be overall healthy and happy in every sense of the word.