Modern Healthcare’s Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare Recognizes Two Clinical Labratories

For the first time ever, not one but two medical laboratories have made the top 100 best places to work in healthcare in 2010 according to Modern Healthcare. The two clinical labs are Clarient, Inc. of Aliso Viejo, California, and Pathology Associate Medical Laboratories, LLC of Spokane, Washington. The top ranks in this list went to Atlanticare and Allegen General Hospital of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, and Allegen, Michigan, respectively.

Clarient, Inc Ranked 3 of 100

Clarient is a specialty anatomic pathology and cancer testing firm. The company works to attract high performing employees and motivate them to stay while providing an environment that brings out their best work. Clarient ranked 3 out of 100 on the Modern Healthcare list.

Clarient employs 391 people and in 2010 the voluntary turnover rate of employees was only 9 percent. They have achieved a high level of job satisfaction among employees by promoting transparency within the company and by never punishing employees for making mistakes. They claim to value communication and permit employees to report any issues higher up the chain than their immediate supervisor.

The same year, Clarient was purchased by GE Healthcare at a value of $578 million. GE Healthcare is an international company specializing in medical diagnostics, drug discovery and medical imaging, dedicated to improving medical care worldwide. The company’s headquarters is located in the United Kingdom.

Pathology Associate Medical Laboratories Ranked 28 of 100

Pathology Associate Medical Laboratories ranked 28 out of 100 on the Modern Healthcare list and employs 1,356 people. The voluntary turnover rate of their employees is also a mere 9 percent. Pathology Associate Medical Laboratories is a medical reference laboratory ranked among the top clinical reference laboratories in the country. The company specializes in things like immunology, anatomic pathology, genetics, molecular diagnostics and virology. They attribute their success to innovative nature and partnership with community-based hospitals and BioRepositories.

Modern Healthcare Releases New Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare Every Year

Every October, Modern Healthcare publishes an annual list of top 100 places to work in healthcare. They conducted their surveys in collaboration with Best Companies Group, a third party group specializing in ranking best places to work. Best Companies Group, a division of Journal Multimedia, aims to identify and recognize places of employment with outstanding workplace excellence.

Measuring Factors That Make Up a Great Company

The survey questioned both employers and employees. Employers were judged by things like pay, benefits, leadership and work environment. Employees reported valuing jobs for reasons such as matching 401K contributions, covering healthcare premiums, providing paid time off and providing telecommuting options.

Competition Stiffens as Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare Gains Popularity and Attracts More Applications

Calient did not appear under this name on the top 100 lists from Modern Healthcare in 2011 or 2012, but Pathology Associate Medical Laboratories ranked 73 in 2011. This may reflect an increased number of applicants as the list gained attention and momentum. Calient may be represented by their new parent company, GE Healthcare. In 2013, Modern Healthcare will release the seventh annual ranked list in thi